We can set up your online store and then

we will add your items


you can add the products yourself


Items are added at $1.00 per each variation

$1.00 per part number plus description

Options, variations and different version of the same product are added at a cost of $1.00 per set.



-T-shirt Sales-

T-shirt item number - $1.00

T-shirt price - $1.00 ea

T-shirt photo - $1.00 ea

T-shirt Desciption - $1.00

 T-shirt Variation One (i.e. color: red, green, blue) - $1.00

T-shirt Variation Two (i.e. sizes: S, M, L, XL) - $1.00

(please note that it is $1.00 per variation)


Total for above set of shirts  = $6.00